MyDebit Tap On Phone

Tap On Phone

Tap on Phone is a solution that allows merchants operating small businesses including sole proprietors to accept card payments at minimal cost. Merchants may use any supported Android-based smartphones with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to accept and process MyDebit payments, instead of relying on traditional card point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

Merchants, including hawkers, street vendors and pasar malam traders will only need their smartphones, with a data plan, to accept debit card payments from their customers without having to bear costs such as monthly terminal maintenance, telephone line and call charges.

Advantages of accepting through Tap On Phone

  • Secure

    Cardholder and PIN information are secured through end-to-end encryption in the smartphone and during transactions

  • Convenient

    Eliminates the need for conventional POS terminals, offering merchants a cost-effective way to accept cashless payments

  • Mobile

    With Tap on Phone, merchants especially hawkers, street vendors and pasar malam traders can accept MyDebit transactions from any location with mobile and data coverage

  • Suitable for various businesses

    From micro business including F&B outlets, mid-sized retailers with dedicated shoplots to franchise operators, all merchants can use Tap on Phone to accept payments with ease


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