Get paid faster

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution that allows real-time debiting of customer’s internet banking account of multiple banks. It also allows immediate and direct crediting into merchant’s account by banks. FPX service is suitable for all businesses that offer products or services via the internet.

The FPX service makes e-commerce a reality for all retailers and merchants by making payments a simple, effortless process. All payments are concluded online in real-time basis, making the service as good as cash. Plus, it generates payment records, simplifies reconciliation and reduces risk, thereby encouraging more shoppers to shop online.

Advantages using FPX

  • Operational Efficiencies

    FPX enhances efficiency via automation and reduces the time taken from customer from order stage to the payment stage. Merchants can offer an alternative payment channel, particularly for non-credit card holders. FPX also reduces operation costs of doing reconciliation as a merchant only need to connect and reconcile with one bank while having access to many banks payment channels. In addition, FPX provides direct access to all major internet banking banks with single integration.

  • Guaranteed Payment

    Payments are conducted real-time online, thus customers / merchants are assured of payment. A notification to confirm payment is also provided to both customers and merchants.

  • Keep up with your payments

    FPX provides payment information to facilitate ease of report reconciliation for multiple banks via a single channel.

  • Safe and Secure

    FPX uses highly secured authentication, security credentials and certification standards to ensure security of all transactions.