Want to be a merchant? Here's how

FPX allows your customers to make payments directly via your website from their internet banking accounts. Along with convenience of merchant account and gateway in one, there is no more hassle on transaction reconciliation for various customers’ banks. You can register as a FPX merchant with any of the FPX participating acquirers . The participating acquirers will make the necessary arrangement for you.

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    The pre-requisites to become a FPX merchant:

    • You must have a registered website.
    • You need to choose your preferred acquirer among the FPX participating acquirers.
    • You need to have a corporate banking account for crediting of the payments made by your customers.
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    Steps to register as a FPX merchant:

    • Upon selection of your preferred participating acquirer , you will be provided with the FPX Merchant Registration Form (MRF) to complete the merchant registration. Upon receiving the production Seller Plug-in, you are required to install the software into your production system environment to go-live with FPX service.
      Click below links to download:

      Merchant Registration Form
      FPX Merchant Interfacing Basic Guide