Shop securely with ease

Enjoy the convenience of paying with MyDebit when you shop at more than 300,000 merchants nationwide.

Using your MyDebit card, or more commonly known as ATM card, you make retail purchases swiftly and securely by simply entering your ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the retailers' Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. The purchase amount is debited from your bank account. No need to fiddle with cash and change.

Advantages of using MyDebit

  • Convenient

    Direct access to funds in account without having to withdraw cash

  • Reduce risk

    No need to carry cash

  • Less waiting time

    Faster check-out at retail outlets

  • Spend only what you have

    Instill financial discipline

  • Secure

    Transactions require PIN entry, low risk of financial losses when card is lost or stolen

  • Lower cost

    No late fees, finance charges and penalties

No Surcharging and Imposition of Minimum Purchase Limit

  • No surcharging - Merchants are not allowed to impose any additional charges for purchases using MyDebit card

  • Imposition of minimum purchase limit – Merchants are not allowed to impose a purchase limit for purchases using MyDebit card