Frequently Asked Questions

The MyDebit card is issued to you by your bank when you open a savings or current account with the bank. In addition to using the card to make cash withdrawals at the ATMs, the card can also be used to make payments for purchase of goods and services at merchants who display the MyDebit logo.

When making payment for purchases, the card is inserted in the merchant's terminal and terminal will prompt you to key your PIN (the same PIN used for cash withdrawals at the ATM) to approve the transaction. This is a contact transaction.
You can make payment by tapping the card on the terminal or holding the card close (2 to 3 cm) to the terminal without entering a PIN. This is a contactless transaction. The maximum transaction amount for a contactless transaction is RM250. Any transaction above RM250 would require the PIN to be entered.

You can identify the MyDebit contactless cards and readers by the contactless symbol or indicator as shown below.
Contactless transactions are as secure as a contact transaction. The contactless terminal would interact with the contactless card to generate a secure cryptogram or code which is transmitted by the terminal to the bank to authenticate the card and approve the transaction.
Contactless payments allow you to enhance your purchasing experience through faster completion of your transactions while maintaining the security and integrity of the transactions.
There is no risk of accidental charge or debit to your account. The merchant must key in the amount of the purchase and the card must be tapped or held very close to the terminal to complete a transaction.
The first successful transaction that you perform at an ATM e.g. PIN change or Point of Sale (POS) terminal will activate the contactless application in your card.
The terminal will print a receipt as a proof of payment. No signature is required for MyDebit payments.
Your bank has implemented defined risk parameters such as number and amount of accumulated contactless transactions based on the bank’s approved risk management practices. When the threshold limit has been reached, you will be requested to perform a contact transaction with a PIN.
No. The purchase amount must be entered at the terminal for a contactless transaction to be successful. Additionally, the terminal can only process one payment transaction at a time.
In order to perform payments via MyDebit card, cardholder will be required to enter your PIN (the same PIN used for cash withdrawal at ATM) on the point-of-sale (POS) terminal. However, in the event if you cannot remember your PIN, cardholder will not be allowed to use your card at a POS terminal to perform any transaction.

In occurrence of any issues related to card acceptance, kindly contact your card issuer here to receive or select a new PIN.
You can lodge a report to the Acquirer of the merchant (refer to the name of the Acquirer on the debit card transaction slip) through their Customer Service or Call Centre.