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户头连接手机号码直接转账.大马付款网12月推介 DuitNow
Sin Chew 23 October 2018
7 juta pengguna terima notis pendaftaran DuitNow
Utusan Online 23 October 2018
5 Misunderstandings About PayNet’s DuitNow—Answered
Fintech News 23 October 2018
Bank Negara announces the operationalisation of RENTAS The New Straits Times 21 May 2018
RHB on track to enlarge SME market share to 9.2pct by year end The New Straits Times 2 May 2018
Another feather in bank’s cap
The Star Online 18 April 2018
MEEA 2018 - Congratulations All Winners
The Edge 16 April 2018
PayNet Bakal Bina RPP Malaysia
mStar 13 Nov 2017
PayNet To Adopt ACI’s Solution To Expand E-Payment Capabilities In Malaysia 13 Nov 2017
MyClear organises awards to recognise e-payments excellence
The Edge Markets 27 May 2017
Sin Chew 23 May 2017
BNM's PayNet to replace payment infrastructure operated by MEPS and MyClear
The Edge Markets 22 May 2017
MyClear, MEPS merge to form PayNet The Star Online 22 May 2017
Perkukuh Infrastruktur Bayaran - PayNet Dibentuk Hasil Gabungan MyClear MEPS Berita Nasional RTM Rasmi Youtube Channel 22 May 2017
EPF aims for three mln e-Caruman users by year-end The Borneo Post 31 Oct 2016
KWSP Lancar Program Transformasi Bayaran Caruman BH Online 31 Oct 2016
EPF: Employers must use e-Caruman facility from Jan 1, 2017 The Sun Daily 31 Oct 2016
JomPAY Expects To Enroll 5,000 Billers By Year 2020 News English Youtube Channel 19 Oct 2016
E-payment of assessment fees in Sabah launched The Borneo Post 28 Sept 2016
New ‘RENTAS’ adopts global standards, connects with SWIFT The Star Online 20 Sept 2016
BNM: New RENTAS system migration from Sept 16 to 18 The Star Online 15 Sept 2016
Going from pen to PIN The Star Online 13 June 2016
Bank Negara unit MyClear to set up new retail payment platform The Star Online 4 April 2016
MyClear Bangunkan Platform Pembayaran Runcit Masa Nyata Baharu Bernama 4 April 2016
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