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‘Always Low Prices’ turns into always more joy for graphic designer
Mr.DIY 22 December 2022
PayNet Expands ATM Acceptance For Discover® Global Network
PayNet 22 October 2022
PayNet Selects 6 Winner For FinTech e-Payments Accelerator Programme 2022
PayNet 12 August 2022
Malaysia's Real-time Payments Platform Pilots DuitNow Interoperable Reward Feature With Fave And Finexus
PayNet 7 June 2022
PayNet’s New Study Reveals Positive Payment Behaviour Changes
PayNet 6 April 2022
Congratulations to All Winners of Malaysian e-Payments Excellence Awards 2022 (MEEA)
PayNet 21 March 2022
PayNet announces Encik Farhan Ahmad as Group Chief Executive Officer
PayNet 25 February 2022
PayNet Announces FinTech e-Payment Accelerator Programme 2022
PayNet 18 February 2022
Cross-border QR Payments Between Malaysia-Thailand and Malaysia-Indonesia Are Now Live
PayNet 28 January 2022
Malaysia is participating in Project Nexus Proof-of-Concept to enable faster and cheaper cross-border payments
BNM 10 November 2021
DuitNow QR Expands to Langkawi, Offers 2,000 Retail Merchants Incentive to Go Digital
PayNet 1 November 2021
Congratulations to All Winners of Malaysian e-Payments Excellence Awards 2021 (MEEA)
PayNet 4 August 2021
Launch of the Cross-Border QR Payment Linkage between Malaysia and Thailand
BNM 18 June 2021
Standard Chartered Malaysia expands new payment collection service for Internet and mobile banking
PayNet 17 June 2021
Boost Joins DuitNow Ecosystem to Drive A ‘One Nation, One QR’ Cashless Society in Malaysia
Boost 26 March 2021
Discover Announces Alliance with Malaysia’s PayNet to Expand Worldwide Acceptance
PayNet 22 March 2021
DuitNow QR Ecosystem Enables Small Merchants to Go Digital Easily
PayNet 22 January 2021
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Maybank Now Supports DuitNow Request 22 December 2022
Finexus to enable bill-splitting Leasy App on its platform
NST 2 December 2022
AmBank enhances digital payments in Seberang Perai
Digital News Asia 12 September 2022
AmBank Upgraded Digital Payments for MBSP
Business Today 9 September 2022
17 must-watch Hari Kebangsaan ads of 2022
NST 26 August 2022
PTPTN tawar RM61,000 Peraduan JomPAY and Win! 2022
Berita Harian 4 July 2022
LHDN lancar 4 produk baharu sempena Hari Hasil 2022
Kosmo 1 March 2022
PayNet appoints Farhan Ahmad as group CEO
NST 25 February 2022
Farhan Ahmad dilantik CEO PayNet baharu
BH Online 25 February 2022
PayNet Announces Encik Farhan Ahmad As Group Chief Executive Officer
Bernama 25 February 2022
PayNet Announces Fintech ePayment Accelerator Programme, Offers Grants Of Up To RM500,000
Ringgit Plus 22 February 2022
Paynet announces fintech e-payment accelerator programme 2022
The Star Online 18 February 2022
PayNet Announces FinTech E-Payment Accelerator Programme 2022
Business Today 18 February 2022
Didik masyarakat lakukan e-pembayaran melalui Cashless Boleh
Astro Awani 26 November 2021
‘Cashless Boleh’ selaras dengan aspirasi MyDigital
The Sun Daily 25 November 2021
Kempen 'Cashless Boleh' galak tabiat e-pembayaran
Sinar Harian 25 November 2021
Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Bagi Pemenang Kempen ‘Cashless Boleh’
MOF 25 November 2021
BNM, PayNet participating in project to enable faster, cheaper cross-border payments
The Edge Markets 10 November 2021
Bank Negara and PayNet explore cross-border payment systems
The Star Online 10 November 2021
Bank Negara, PayNet explore linking payment systems in Malaysia, Singapore & euro area
NSTP 10 November 2021
Malaysia’s DuitNow to link with Singapore’s PayNow
The Star Online 28 September 2021
Malaysia’s DuitNow, Singapore’s PayNow to link in 2022
The Malay Mail 27 September 2021
Public Bank wins 3 e-Payments awards
The Sun Daily 20 September 2021
Bayar guna kad Debit di 7-Eleven & menangi hadiah bernilai sehingga RM400,000
SoyaCincau 24 August 2021
Standard Chartered Malaysia first to adopt DuitNow Request for digital payments
The Edge Markets 17 June 2021
What is DuitNow QR & who is PayNet?
SoyaCincau 6 April 2021
PayNet: GrabPay target to support DuitNow QR this month
SoyaCincau 2 April 2021
Bayar tanpa tunai hari ini, rebut hadiah lumayan
BH Online 1 April 2021
全马通用的支付平台 你DuitNow QR了吗?
Nanyang 29 March 2021
Discover announces Alliance with Malaysia’s PayNet to expand worldwide acceptance
BERNAMA 23 March 2021
Discover teams up with Malaysia’s PayNet to expand acceptance
Cards International 22 March 2021
Discover Financial Inks Deal With Malaysia's PayNet To Expand Acceptance - Quick Facts
Nasdaq 22 March 2021
Discover Announces Alliance with Malaysia’s PayNet to Expand Worldwide Acceptance
BusinessWire 22 March 2021
Making it easy for merchants to adopt digital payment
NSTP 17 March 2021
Touch ‘n Go eWallet now supports DuitNow QR
Malay Mail 17 March 2021
PayNet sasar sejuta kemudahan DuitNow QR
BH Online 15 March 2021
Touch ’n Go eWallet Kini Menyokong Pembayaran DuitNow QR 28 Feb 2021
SMEs geared towards a cashless society
The Star Online 18 Feb 2021
DuitNow QR ecosystem to become standard
The Malaysian Reserve 4 Feb 2021
BigPay bakal melancarkan pembayaran DuitNow QR
SoyaCincau 3 Feb 2021
TH sedia kemudahan JomPAY untuk pendeposit
Harian Metro 3 Februari 2021
TH perkenal kemudahan JomPAY
Utusan Malaysia 3 Februari 2021
JomPAY mudahkan pendeposit TH pindah dana
BH Online 3 Februari 2021
Urusan Perbankan TH Lebih Mudah Dengan JomPAY
Tabung Haji 3 Februari 2021
DuitNow QR: When will Boost, Grab and Touch ‘n Go eWallet support Malaysia’s unified QR code?
SoyaCincau 3 Feb 2021
一个 QR Code 支持所有电子钱包!全新 DuitNow QR 正式上线! 29 Jan 2021
Kenapa Perlu Terima Tunai Dan Pamer Pelbagai QR Di Kaunter Pembayaran, Jika Ada Yang Lebih Mudah?
Oh Bulan! 29 Jan 2021
Business Owners, Rejoice! You Can Now Use One QR Code To Accept Payments From Customers
SAYS 29 Jan 2021
DuitNow QR Malaysia’s Universal Payment QR Now Widely Available
Fintech News Malaysia 27 Jan 2021
DuitNow QR Ecosystem Enables Small Merchants to Go Digital Easily
Malaysia SME 26 Jan 2021
商家无需再贴满二维码!DuitNow QR全国通用的二维码标准,将于41家银行和电子钱包上启用!
The Star News Malaysia 22 Jan 2021
DuitNow安全便捷 即时转账iPhone 12 Pro & 10万现金
Sin Chew Daily 21 Jan 2021
'Transfer' RM10 Je Dengan DuitNow Untuk Menang RM100K Atau iPhone 12 Pro Setiap Bulan
Oh Bulan! 20 Jan 2021
Need To Make An Online Transfer? You Could Win RM100,000 By Transferring RM10 Via DuitNow
SAYS 20 Jan 2021
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